Whether it’s long or short, any type of travel needs a bit of prep work to go smoothly. And if you’re like us and can’t seem to get some shuteye whilst travelling, a long trip can be a figurative murder.

Here’s where we can help! We’ve compiled a short list of handy travel essentials to turn each flight, train or bus ride into a smoother and more pleasant experience. We hope you find them useful and do keep this in mind: we speak from experience on the usefulness of all of these!

Tech Essentials

Nowadays we can get all sorts of entertainment from our phones, tablets and computers. Take advantage of them and make your trip enjoyable by listening to the hottest new albums, binge-watching the trendiest new shows or even just reading. Legend has it that some adventurous souls even work — **gasp** — while travelling. 

Something to read

Never underestimate the power of time travel within a great book! When reading an engrossing tale, time just whistles by, making a trip seem that much shorter. Make some room to pack up with a couple of your favorites or upload them to you Kindle or tablet device!

What to take on your trip. Some essential items!Headphones

(bluetooth and wired ones)

Sure, most of us have adopted the new trend of bluetooth headphones. Those are great to pack and most modern ones do a pretty good job on noise-cancellation, which is especially useful when you happen to land beside a particularly noisy fellow traveller. But we can’t stress enough that you really should always carry around a pair of the old, small wired ones. Just in case you forget to charge up your fancy pair!

Organizational pouches

Now we’re getting onto the less-than-usual bits. We also thought that organizing chargers into just one zipped pouch was silly, just as it was to put all documentation and travel arrangements into another easily-findable one. But just try to convince us that reaching into your bag to get something out isn’t made a heck of a lot easier by having items clearly and neatly separated! Be sure to think of this the next time you have to empty your whole bag just to find something!

Some Toiletries

Travel — air travel in particular — takes a toll on your skin, drying it up and exposing it to (there’s no nice way to put it) other people’s germs. Give yourself a boost and pack up thinking of a quick pop into the bathroom, by taking along some moisturizers, maybe a hand lotionWhat to take on your trip. Some essential items!, wipes and a sanitizer. Some toothpaste and a small toothbrush will also go a long way in getting you to feel refreshed when stepping off your plane or train.

A change of underwear

We learned this one the hard way! Unforeseen travel issues happen everyday all over the world! Maybe your flight gets delayed until the following morning, maybe your train gets cancelled, your luggage misplaced or maybe you just have the misfortune of happening upon a big driver/pilot’s strike. If any of those occur, then our final tip is that you must afford yourself the luxury of having a spare set of underwear on your carry-on. As the saying goes: “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst!

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