As you can probably tell from our other posts, travelling is much more than just a passion of ours, it’s something that ingrained in our very being. Our very own Pathos, if you will. Currently, travel (at least in its leisurely form) is on a bit of a break, due to the global Coronavirus pandemic and all the necessary precautions it entails.

We trust that each and every one of our readers (both of you) is keeping safe and taking the necessary precautions. We would love to tell you that all of this will go away quickly, but it’s not just up to us, it’s really up to ALL of us!

Until a time when better days are upon us, we have some suggestions for you, in order to keep you busy, active and healthy, both physically and mentally!


Most of us are already up to our ears with online workout programmes. Notwithstanding the sudden overload of options, it is extremely important to keep your body moving and your flexibility primed! There are some great Yoga Youtube channels out there, like The Yoga Solution or Blogilates, as well as more intense ones, like Orangetheory, Rumble Boxing or even dance classes with 305 Fitness

Tidy up the house (and discover new music while you’re at it)

“Cleaning day is the best day!” said no one, ever! But we do have to make a conscious effort to pick up after ourselves, especially now that we’re spending so much more time at home. One of our favorite ways to make this task a lot more breezy is to put on our favorite headphones and blast some tunes while we vacuum, broom, dust and disinfect the house! It’s a great time to discover new music or just to re-listen to cherished classics. By the way, Spotify even has a Cleaning Playlist all ready for you. Let’s get that house spotless!

Find new (and old) ways to connect with friends

Loneliness and feeling isolated are some very real dangers of this time we’re all living in. Thankfully, technology can lend a hand in taking the edge off of these sensations. For example, try reconnecting with old friends via social media, seeing your family members via video call, or even organize group calls with several friends over a drink. You can even take part in one of the many online games that are readily available or participate in movie viewing parties, which is as close to a true cinema experience as you can get at the moment! 

Improve your cooking techniques

Unless you happen to have a restaurant just across the street, or you adore splurging cash on food delivery services … then you’re about to cook a heck of a lot more than you’re probably used to (we said “probably”, so that excludes cooking aficionados)! Take this opportunity to improve your culinary game and also try out some new recipes. 

To help you along, there’s an almost infinite amount of online cooking courses and recipes to choose from. Some are free, like these ones from Udemy, the BBC and the New York Times,  while others are paid, like this great one from the inimitable Gordon Ramsay! 

Dream about your next big holiday

Like everything, this too will pass and eventually we will slowly begin to regain a sense of normalcy in our lives. When that day comes, one thing which will be in all of our minds is a much-needed holiday, in order to experience a welcome change the scenery! 

Begin daydreaming by subscribing to travel blogs (shameless self-plug alert), researching local guides to your desired destinations and taking advantage of deals with flexible cancellation policies from reliable accommodation and booking websites (, Airbnb, Expedia, etc.).


We have a bunch of great upcoming content lined up, to give you ideas on what to do and discover while you’re responsibly keeping yourself (and others) out of harm’s way. Keep checking back and until then, please stay safe and stay home!


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