Located at a mere hour’s drive from the Portuguese capital of Lisbon, Montargil is a hidden and underrated treasure in the tranquil northern Alentejo! The large lake formed by the famed Montargil Dam is an ideal spot to just unwind and enjoy the tranquility.

Located in the Portalegre district, the town is filled with religious monuments and churches and is an important area for Megalithic heritage. Just 17 km away — which in Alentejo speak is nothing more than “just a tiny detour” — is the Fluviário de Mora, a place to appreciate and learn all about many freshwater species. 

But there’s loads to do in the actual Montargil area. The dam lake is great for many watersports, like jet ski, kayaking, windsurfing or boating. The gorgeous green areas of Montargil also seem to invite visitors to enjoy nature by hiking or just sightsee

And don’t forget that Alentejo, as a whole, is one of Portugal’s gastronomic gems. You really do owe yourself a visit to this area if you’re seeking to disconnect from the city hustle and bustle.

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