With a unique climate, culture and just outlook on life, Madeira is one of Portugals more outstanding destination options. Rightfully known as the Pearl of the Atlantic, it’s even been awarded multiple times by the prestigious World Travel Awards as Europe’s Best Island Destination!

Its temperate climate and stunning sights are among its most attractive features, which pull in a great number of tourists each year! Pico das Torres, Pico do Areeiro and the stunning Pico Ruivo offer amazing views over the lush green surroundings and the Atlantic Ocean. And how about going on a singular hike, across a unique footpath that are the Levada walks, the islands old crop irrigation system.  

Madeira Island

Tremendous delicacies also await you, as the traditional Espetada Madeirense (meat skewer) is a local favourite, grilled on bay leaf stick, for added flavour! Madeira Wine is also very sought-after by the locals, as its one of the islands signature productions and differs from most of the other Portuguese wines due to its extra sweet flavour.  

Speaking of sweet, how can you go to Madeira and miss out on trying the delicious Poncha beverage?! Its made from brandy cane sugar, sugar and lemon and you should most definitely try it on some of the more traditional old-style taverns. It might just be because of the ambiance, but it will definitely taste better there! 

For all these reasons and more, Madeira is surely a destination that deserves to be a highlight on anyone’s “to-visit” list!

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