Here is a list of some our favourite museums worldwide, which include virtual 360º tours for you to enjoy and get lost in!

Day by day, things seem to be getting better and it looks like we may be able resume some sense of normalcy in the not-too-distant future. In spite of this (hopefully not overly) optimistic outlook, there are some things that will have to wait awhile before returning to normal.

Visiting some our favourite museums was one of our bigger pleasures when mapping out a trip. That will have to wait a while longer in person, but you’re still able to visit them, virtually in this case. At just a click away, you can experience exhibits from across the globe, most notably from Europe (including over 30 Portuguese museums), Asia and the United States, in over 500 venues made available by this great project from Google Arts & Culture.

The full list is below and we’ve also included the link to Louvre in Paris, which was not included in the Google project, but features a great virtual tour option via its own website!

Enjoy strolling through timeless art pieces and iconic museums, all from the comfort of your own living room!


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