So you’ve already booked your Lisbon Holiday! Now you just have to decide on what are the main things you’re planning on visiting. Sure, the more touristy spots like Chiado or Bairro Alto are a must, as are some of the more well-known landmarks, like the Belém Tower or Saint George’s Castle. But what can you see that’s just off the beaten path? We’re to help with a few lesser-known — but equally attractive — options!

LX Factory

Formerly composed of a relatively large group of derelict 19th-century warehouses and factories, this now-modern and hip area was completely renovated in recent years. With a raw and alternative essence to it, the hipster-chic LX Factory houses a number of great restaurants (one of which has superb Tagus River views), underground shops, galleries, a tattoo parlour and occasional exhibits, markets and musical performances. Don’t miss out on the Ler Devagar bookshop as well, as its tall, book-lined walls are a true sight to behold!

Nossa Senhora do Monte Belvedere

Lisbon - Miradouro Nossa Senhora do MonteBelvederes abound around Lisbon’s historic areas! Some have amazing views over the city’s colourful tiled rooftops, while others impress by reaching the furthest areas of the city!  One thing most have in common are the hordes of tourists that populate them. We recommend paying a visit to the typical Graça quarter and snapping some awe-inspiring shots from one of the city’s highest peaks. 

Campo de Ourique Market

One feature of most tour guides of the city is the great Time Out Market. Filled with numerous signature food stands and stalls, it’s a great, albeit crowded spot for a meal. Enter Mercado de Campo de Ourique! Featuring much the same attractives as its more famous counterpart, this smaller venue has the bonus of not being as crowded and presents a much more local flavour and ambiance.


Much like going to Porto and asking where to eat the best Francesinha, going to Lisbon and asking around which shop serves the finest Ginjinha will not provide you with many unanimous answers! This sweet cherry liqueur is made up of brandy, infused with Ginja cherries and heaps of sugar! You can buy a bottle or go full-local, asking for a shot glass (which can be made of chocolate as well). When the server asks if you’d like the shot “with or without them” (“com ou sem elas“), he/she is referring to the Morello Cherries (sour cherries) that can be poured onto your drink or not. Some like them, while others don’t, so that one is really up to you!

Verride Palácio de Santa Catarina

Just off to the side of the Santa Catarina Belvedere (known locally as the “Adamastor Belvedere”), you’ll find this luxurious former palace, now reconverted into a 5-star hotel. While most flock to the belvedere area, the upper deck of the hotel has some of the best views you’ll find in the whole of Lisbon! For the price of a cover charge, you can go up and enjoy a drink with some stunning views over the surrounding area. If you venture up the metal stairs of the terrace, you’ll reach what feels like a crow’s nest with astounding 360º views over the whole city! It’s one of only 2 places in Lisbon with such a view (the other being the top of the Amoreiras Plaza shopping centre).

These five are just a small taste of the varied plans you can make while staying in the City of the 7 Hills! Keep an eye on the blog for even more tips on alternative options to enjoy your holiday to the fullest!Lisboa - Castelo de são jorge

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